Transparent pricing
Integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees. The Free Street transaction fee is based on your Yearly Volume Threshold
Yearly Volume Threshold ($)
Free Street Trading Fee %
0 - 100K
100K - 1M
1M - 10M
10M - 100M
100M - 1B
1B +
Custom Pricing

For unique business models or alternative structures, contact us to discuss a custom pricing approach.

Flat transaction pricing
Partner discounts
Equity compensation
Revenue sharing
/ Features
Whats Included
Get hundreds of integrated features when using Free Street.
Tools to build full Investment Markets
Integrated user wallet
OTC and Automated swap
Exchange capabilities
Security & compliance
User control Systems
Automated regulatory compliance
Full KYC integrations
Easy to use GUI foundation
Investor dashboard
Trading platform
Digital identity overview
Issuer dashboard
Digital identity
Digital identity systems for assets and individuals
Compatible with frameworks such as GLEIF
Legacy integration
Legacy compatible Messaging engine
ISO, SWIFT and FIX engine API capabilities

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Integrated per-transaction pricing with no hidden fees.


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