Welcome to the Future of Markets
Free Street is revolutionizing the way you operate and manage markets. Our state-of-the-art ecosystem empowers businesses to create and run markets with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Embrace the power of seamless exchange and join the free market ecosystem.
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The Journey to Building
the Free Market Ecosystem

We embarked on our mission to reshape the landscape of financial markets with a simple goal in mind: to make operating a market as easy as running a webshop. From traditional stock markets to crypto exchanges and alternative asset markets, our passion lies in providing businesses with the tools to stay ahead of the curve.

By breaking down barriers and fostering innovation, we're building a world where everyone can participate in competitive free markets. Join us in our pursuit to redefine market accessibility, interoperability, customizability, and controllability.

/ Team
Founder & CEO
Mathias Grønnebæk
Mathias created the first utility token financial and legal framework as the first operations manager of Ethereum.
Allan Lund Hansen
Allan was a driving factor of blockchain development in Austria, participating in forums with the national bank and regulator. He has 15 years of leading various software development teams
Tom Robichaud
Tom is an experienced specialist in data security and cryptography, writing smart contracts since the conception of projects like Ethereum. A veteran of the financial industry with 15 years experience working alongside the largest banks in Canada.
Head of Partnerships:
Eliot Dean
Eliot has a decade of working with innovators from multiple industries to develop new ideas and products, with a focus on communication between teams and generating value